Why starting your floor renovations in November could save you cash


After the jam-packed summer vacations, festivals, and barbeques, quiet fall days provide the perfect solitude to focus on your home renovation plans. Fall is a season known for transformation and new beginnings, so what better time to give your home a fresh lease of life?

There is a range of factors that make hardwood flooring installations particularly well-suited for fall. Here are some reasons you should be focusing on renovating your flooring in the autumn season: 

No chance of troublesome wood swelling

Though it is possible to install hardwood flooring at any time of year, installation in the summer months can cause problems further down the line. 

Like any natural product, wood absorbs moisture. So when humidity levels rise in the summer months, wood flooring swells and expands, making the flooring vulnerable to distortion. However, fall’s cool, crisp temperatures are ideal for flooring renovations, especially if you live in a particularly humid climate.

Wood panels won’t slide all over the place

Heat is also a concern when using adhesives as it can be detrimental to their effectiveness during hardwood flooring installation. 

When the temperature rises, the strength and solidity of the adhesive decreases; resulting in reduced stiffness that gives way to moving or sliding wood panels. This, again, makes the low fall temperatures best for allowing adhesives to set correctly without heat affecting the process.

Contractors can focus while the kids are at school

With the kids back in school and a less hectic home-schedule, fall is the perfect time to get started on a floor renovation. 

Depending on the scale, floor renovations can cause a lot of disruption in the home so once the kids are back at school, it can be a bit of a breather – allowing contractors to work without interruption.

The season is also better for getting a contractor booked in. Tradespeople tend to see a spike in demand through summer so it can be difficult to find a quality option who can work with your desired timeline. But as contractors enter their quiet period, fall provides greater flexibility for your project. 

Get the oohs and aahs during the holidays

The festive season brings celebrations, family time, and a whole lot of visitors. With your flooring renovation completed, the holidays come at just the right time to show off your brand new look to family and friends.

You’ll be amazed by how much new hardwood flooring alone can elevate a room’s pizzazz.