Who we are

At Leeroc, we understand that your home requires the best attention and products of the highest quality. And it’s this understanding of our customers’ needs that has allowed us to acquire the reputation of excellence we have today. For over ten years, Leeroc has been offering uncompromising excellence, craftsmanship superior to all industry standards, in both landscaping and interior design, throughout the Montreal area.

We offer a wide selection of products for outdoor landscaping and interior finishing – collections with various shapes, textures, and colors, among which you will surely find the style and effect you’re looking for. Whether it’s to complement the color of your home or create a specific atmosphere or effect, the choices are practically endless thanks to our vast selection of products! We work with competent and trustworthy partners in the residential renovation sector, and we are proud to know that every time, the projects they undertake with us are always impeccable and of exceptional quality.

Leeroc keeps in stock the most contemporary landscaping products, traditional collections, and an exceptional choice of interior finishing products, offering you the best on the market. Our goal: to ensure that you can turn all your dreams into reality. Whether it’s revealing the beauty of your home through successful outdoor landscaping or finally creating your dream kitchen, our services will inspire you throughout the renovation process. We can offer you a wide range of products, project planning and design, assistance and advice for installation, and support once the project is completed.

Our fully renovated showroom, located in the heart of the Mascouche industrial park, offers you an exceptional choice of outdoor landscaping products and stone products that can completely transform your home into the residence of your dreams. By having the opportunity to see the colors and appreciate the textures of our products, you will quickly see that the projects you dream of for the interior and exterior of your home can easily become a reality… with the help of Leeroc!

Our mission

Imagine your ideal project… and make it happen! Leeroc offers you high-level expertise and professionalism from start to finish, working with homeowners to bring their dreams to life, whether it’s interior design, exterior finishing, or landscaping.

Your dream home starts here!