Life is Spectacular in Stone
Your Home Reimagined
Dwell Well with Leeroc. Inspired by the charm and the natural beauty of stone, our innovative products will complement your style, no matter what it may be.
& Stones
Your Ideal
The Leeroc Difference
Let Creativity Take you Away
Our turn-key services will inspire you throughout the renovation process; offering you product selection, project planning, design, and installation advice with post-project support. Our team will help create a space that will be the shining beacon of your home!
Gathering Project Requirements
We want to help achieve your ideal vision. That's why we take the time to analyze your project to ensure you will have everything you need for a successful outcome.
We Advise You on the Best Practices
Not sure about local zoning laws, or how to properly execute your hardscaping plans? We've got over ten years of professional experience in solving and troubleshooting the best practices of landscaping and interior design.
We Recommend You a Trusted Partner
There are hundreds of construction companies out there, but only a few are worthy of working alongside Leeroc. Our landscapers, masons or interior designers will visit you to evaluate everything you need so you can plan your project with confidence.
We Oversee the Project’s Progress Until Completion
We make it our duty to be attentive to our customers’ needs at all times. Whether your project is completed without a hitch or you hit an unexpected roadblock, our dynamic and qualified team will advise you every step of the way to ensure every element of your design is perfect.
We’re Blushing
Impeccable from A to Z
I am with Leeroc from the very beginning and I always get a quick and efficient service. I am quite satisfied with my collaboration with Leeroc and will long continue to be.
The Best. Point to the Line.
My team can always count on good service received at Leeroc, Pavés Briques et Pierres. I trust, when I send my clients to Leeroc, they will have a five-star service.
One Showroom, Endless Possibilities
With over a decade of experience, Leeroc has become known for its expertise in hardscaping and landscaping for both homeowners and contractors. Discover landscaping products, siding, bricks, and stones as well as interior design features such as flooring and tile for your in-home renovations too. Visit our showroom located in the heart of Mascouche industrial park to explore all we have to offer!
Let’s Plan
Your Project!

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